(09) Recommendation: Accessibility and housing

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Summary of recommendations: Accessibility and housing

The Commission recommends that the Government ensure accessibility and universal design are integrated throughout government work through:

  • the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment ensuring an updated regulatory framework, with incentives being put in place for the built environment, including housing
  • the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and Christchurch City Council reporting annually on progress towards fulfilling the vision of Christchurch as the world’s most accessible city
  • government agencies ensuring that their own, and government funded initiatives for which they are responsible, comply with the Government Web Standards for accessibility and other accessible information and communication requirements
  • ensuring that accessibility and universal design are embedded in the building process from the design phase through to completion
  • undertaking a review of NZS 4121:2001 in 2014, which considers whether NZS 4121:2001 should be mandatory, covering all aspects of the built environment, including publicly funded housing
  • preparing a discussion paper on whether an amendment to the Building Act is necessary, to include access requirements for all new residential housing units
  • ensuring all new housing stock is designed and built using Lifetime Design Principles, and that all social housing built or subsidised by the Social Housing Fund meets the highest standard of Lifetime Design
  • requiring all applicants for funding from the Social Housing Fund meet access requirements for all new housing units
  • commissioning BRANZ to research and provide advice on solutions to providing accessible housing in multi-storey, medium density housing developments
  • requiring that the two proposed exemplar housing developments referred to in the draft Land Use Recovery Plan as notified in July 2013 have access as a key delivery requirement
  • establishing a Choice in Community Living in Christchurch in the next financial year, in recognition of the lack of suitable accommodation in Christchurch.

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