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A letter from Minnie b.
Dear Be. Whanau, friends and partners of the Be. Lab and the newly established
Global Centre of Possibility @ AUT!
Like everyone else in the world right now, we have been adjusting to the new
conditions we all find ourselves in. Sitting here, working from my kitchen, the world
outside seems unbelievably quiet… right now I feel as though it is inviting us - as
citizens and leaders of Aotearoa and the wider global community - to pay attention
and listen deeply to what the world is trying to say to us all at a time of such extreme
Possibility thinking
This global uncertainty comes at a time when we have been reflecting on the future
in our work at the Be. Lab. Over the last three years we have been busy developing
the concept of a Possibility lens, a new way to reframe accessibility and to look at
the future.
We have established Global Centre of Possibility (GCOP) at AUT to explore future
The GCOP will work alongside the Be. Lab to design a future that will ensure a truly
accessible world, no matter what comes our way as a society – including if Aotearoa
is closed from the rest of the world, economic chaos, and major health issues.
Right now we need Possibility thinking as a society and as a nation more than ever
We are sharing this idea of the Possibility lens with Aotearoa and the world at this
time, for our communities and leaders, as we navigate our way through the current
Are we still working at the Be. Lab and at the GCOP?
Yes we are! Are we doing things differently? Absolutely.
The amazing Sue Russell, our recently appointed CEO of the Be. Lab is working
incredibly hard with the team to ensure that our programmes are adapted and
remain flexible to this new world that we find ourselves operating in. She will be in
touch with you all shortly to let you know in more detail about this.
In the meantime, we would also like to offer some Possibility services to our
incredible community:
1. An online Possibility leadership programme for our Be. Leadership alumni.
We will be in touch with our alumni soon to invite you to join us.
2. Weekly Possibility meetup: To our friends, partners and funders, the GCOP
would like to offer a weekly virtual meetup to discuss and explore the idea of
Possibility leadership at a time of such uncertainty. Please be in touch with
me directly if you would like to take up this offer.
3. Possibility stories: To all of you, we would like to gather and share real-life,
current stories of Possibility! We already know of several already, and if you
come across great examples of Possibility within the access community either
here in Aotearoa or around the world, please let us know and we will follow
Thank you! To our community, our partners, our funders, our leaders, our team, our
Board and all the amazing and creative access citizens for continuing to have faith in
what is possible.
Please be in touch with the Be. Lab and Sue Russell on sue@beaccessible.org.nz if
you have any questions about Be. Welcome, Be Employed or Be. Leadership.
And do contact me (Minnie) on Minnie@globalcentreofpossibility.com if you have
any questions about our work in Possibility at the Global Centre of Possibility
(currently my kitchen!).
With much love,
Minnie b.
Chief Possibility Officer, Global Centre of Possibility
Founder of Be. Accessible and the Be. Lab

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