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Free event – Building bridges, not walls.

Auckland Conversations and the Human Rights Commission presents Dr Gill Hicks.

Thursday 10 September at Viaduct Events Centre (Wynyard Quarter) 5.30pm

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Dr Gill Hicks MBE FRSA is from Australia , she widely regarded as one of the most thought provoking, powerful and life-affirming speakers in Australia. in the London bombings of 2005 She was severely and permanently injured, losing both of her legs just below the knee. She is determined to do all she can to deter anyone from following a path of violent action and believes everyone can make a personal difference to create a confident global community and a sustainable peace.

A successful design curator and publisher, Gill owned two multi-disciplinary consultancies in London before heading up the curatorial team for the UK Government funded, Design Council.

In 2007 Gill founded the not-for-profit organisation M.A.D. for Peace, a group that connects people globally and encourages us to think of 'peace' as a verb, something that we have an individual responsibility to 'do' every day. She has received two Honorary Doctorates. A recipient of many honours and prizes, Gill was most recently a finalist for the 2015 Australian of the Year award . She finish thorugh severe trauma. Equally, there are few people who can speak about a tragic event in such an engaging and uplifting manner. Her appreciation and gratitude is infectious and offers a brilliant reminder of just how precious our lives are.

Auckland Council is providing NZSL interpreters at the live event as well as in the online stream.

Registrations necessary.  Don’t miss out, register your place now, how? Below have link, click, appear registration form.

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