Be Lab Update June 2020

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This month, as we start to rebuild our communities and economy after lockdown, we are deeply considering the role that access citizens play in rebuilding that future, and how the concept of leading through Possibility could greatly support New Zealand at this time. 

We share a recent Management magazine interview with Be. Institute Chair John Allen on what the access community has to offer to employers in our rapidly changing world, as well as recent blogs from Minnie on Possibility Leadership, and from Be. Leadership participant Claudia Boyles on our most recent virtual session in May. 

We're also on the lookout for talented candidates to join our Be. Employed programme and benefit from our unique support to get you workplace ready.

Read more about all of this in the stories below.

In an interview with Management magazine, Be. Institute Chair, John Allen, discusses what New Zealand's future might look like post Covid-19 and how we can support accessibility going forward.

Particularly reflecting on the role of access citizens, John says to employers: "there's a huge wealth of capability, of talent, of energy and of passion that's available to you. Make sure that you are seeing that talent, make sure that you're thinking about that talent, and make sure that you are employing that talent where that's appropriate in your organisation."

Listen to John's interview or read the transcript here
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With an economic recession looming and unemployment rising, the employment programmes we offer to access citizens have never been needed more. 

Our Be. Employed relationship managers work closely with our successful applicants, to tailor a unique programme of professional development to ensure they are workplace ready. 

Our candidates are also paired with an external mentor when they are placed in a role, to provide further support and ensure our candidates can thrive in the workplace.
Should you, or someone you know, be in on the job-hunt and want to find out more about our programmes and the eligibility criteria, have a look at the Be. Lab website or please email

Leading through Possibility

In this two-part series, Minnie explores the concept of Possibility Leadership and why we must start looking in different places for the leadership needed to take our world into a more innovative, equitable 21st century. She also reflects on ten years of working alongside Be. Institute's Chair, John Allen, and distils the five key traits of Possibility Leadership into something we can all embody. 

Read both parts 1 and 2 here.
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The overarching topic for the May Be. Leadership session was: Civil Society: What is it and how does leadership enhance or diminish its value?

2020 participant, Claudia Boyles, shares her reflections on this session in her blog which you can read here.


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