Aucklands Rail network Update Jan 23

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Auckland’s rail network is being rebuilt one stage at a time

When the Rail Network Rebuild is complete and City Rail Link opens, Auckland will have the modern and reliable rail network it deserves – bringing you more frequent services and faster journeys on all-electric trains. To achieve this, KiwiRail needs to rebuild the 150-year old foundations that our trains currently run on.

This vital upgrade will be completed one section at a time over the next three years. When one section is being worked on, the rest of the train network will keep running.

Auckland Transport is supporting you with alternative transport choices while KiwiRail completes this work.


Regular Holiday Maintenance

From 26 December 2022 until 15 January 2023

Buses replace trains

The whole network will be closed during this period. Our construction partners will be putting in the mahi to get the network ready for the coming year, and we’ll be providing rail replacement buses to keep you moving.

This is the quietest time of year on the network and the best time to get a lot of work done.


Stage 1 Rail Network Rebuild

From 16 January until 19 March 2023

Six stations on the Southern and Onehunga Lines will be closed during this upgrade. We’re providing alternatives such as Rail Replacement Buses and Express Bus Services. Buses will replace trains at these stations: Onehunga, Te Papapa. Penrose, Ellerslie, Greenlane and Remuera.


Getting around when lines are closed

Most services will still be open after 15 January, and we’re providing alternatives for every service that’s closed.

Southern line trains will continue to run between Papakura and Britomart using the Eastern line (via Panmure).

Eastern line customers travelling from Manukau will need to transfer at Ōtāhuhu (or any station before Ōtāhuhu) to the Southern line in off-peak times only (from 9:15am to 3pm and from 8pm until the end of service).

The Western Line remains open during this period.


How to stay updated and plan your journeys

From 2 January 2023 you can plan your travel using the AT Journey Planner and use the QR code on this brochure to see your alternative transport options.

Stay up-to-date with the AT Mobile App


The best way to stay updated during the Rail Network Rebuild is to download the AT Mobile app, go to “Settings”, then “Service Alerts” and opt in to get recommendations based on your AT HOP Card travel. AT will then be able to recommend alternative travel options based on your personal journey and give you specific reminders when a change might affect you.


To support KiwiRail through this work, AT and Auckland One Rail are providing a range of alternative transport options. These include:

Rail Replacement Buses that follow the train route.

Express Rail Replacement Buses direct to major destinations e.g. Britomart, Newmarket.

Re-routing the Southern Line so that customers travelling between Britomart and stations between Ōtāhuhu and Papakura can continue to use the train. This means Southern Line trains will use the Eastern Line during Stage 1. If you are traveling to or from any station between Orakei or Ōtāhuhu, you will be able to use both Eastern and Southern Line trains.

Existing bus routes – you may find one of our existing bus routes better suits your journey.

Signage on and around stations will make it easy to find rail replacement buses.


Keeping it fair!

Your fare will be based on the number of fare zones you travel through. Visit

You will not pay more if you need to take a bus (or a train and a bus) to complete your journey.


What you need to know

Buses will be busier than usual, especially at peak times. You may wish to travel outside of the peak where you can.

Customers with wheelchairs or mobility scooters will be able to book a free mobility taxi through our Contact Centre.

In addition to these closures, there will still be planned closures on other train lines across the network to facilitate routine maintenance and project work.

You can plan your travel using the AT Journey Planner and use this QR code to see your alternative transport options.

Stay up-to-date with the AT Mobile App.



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