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Kia ora!


Well last week was NZSL week, which means celebrating NZSL, its history, and aiming for more future awareness and access for NZSL users.


One example of services that remain hard to access in NZSL are mental health services.


That is why we want to remind your about a new online website, where you can access information, learn about your own wellbeing, and mental health. The website is NZSL accessible and has all the tools and information to help you to understand why you might be stressed, anxious or depressed The website also teaches you useful information on how to better manage these feelings, teaching you skills to become more resilient and stable.


The website has a variety of information, courses, with story-based examples that help clarify the information. 


The website was developed by a skilled team of people and is called JUST-A-THOUGHT They worked with the team at Deafradio to clearly translate the content. It is a very good and useful website and it recently had its 50,000th person register!   


It is important to remember that while the website contains lots of very useful information and learning, it is not a mental health support service. The site teaches you how to identify your own needs and gives some training on how to look-after yourself and your mental health. For many Deaf people this site will be enough to learn how to change their thinking or behaviour to improve their wellbeing. If you feel the website does not support you enough then we encourage you to seek support from community mental health services.


You are very welcome to check out the free Just-a-Thought website then, and if you know someone else who might benefit from the site then please let them know.


Hope you have had a good NZSL Week and remember Just-a-Thought is there when you want to learn about looking after yourself.


Thank you.








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