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Invitation for Ministry of Education Audience Research


Ipsos, a market research company, is currently conducting research on behalf of the Ministry of Education. We are conducting interviews to help build an understanding of the experiences of deaf or hearing-impaired people as part of this project.


The Ministry of Education is seeking to better understand the information and communication needs of its audience, which includes students, parents and caregivers. The project aims to discover the types and forms of information that students and parents/caregivers require, as well as the best ways for the Ministry of Education to communicate this information.


We are looking for two high-school students and two parents/caregivers of students from early learning to high school level to attend an interview. The interview would be online via video call, with an interviewer from Ipsos and an NZSL interpreter. We expect the interview to take about an hour and a half.


Students who are under the age of 16 will require parent consent to participate.
All interviews are video recorded for our analysis purposes, but are not shared with the Ministry of Education or anyone outside of Ipsos. Your identity would remain anonymous.


If you have any questions about the research or would like to register your interest to participate, please email kerrianne.lindsey@ipsos.com



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