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Parking at our Hospitals


Planning your trip

We have a number of exciting developments happening on our North Shore Hospital campus. Associated work has created a few traffic disruptions and we can’t guarantee you’ll find a parking space when you visit the site. That’s why we’re encouraging people, wherever possible, to use alternative transport. The Smales Farm bus interchange is a short walk away and there are bus stops outside the main entrance to North Shore Hospital.

Remember also that we offer a 20-minute cost free period, allowing free drop-off and pick-up of patients.


Charges (Cash/Eftpos/Credit Card)

Charges apply 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Collect a parking ticket from the barrier when you arrive at the hospital. Take your ticket with you and pay before returning to your car.

Length of time parked

Rate as of 28 January 2018 (correct at Sept 2021)

0-20 minutes


20 minutes - 1 hour


1 hour - 2 hours


2 hours - 3 hours


3 hours - 4 hours


Over 4 hours


Lost ticket*


Maximum Daily Charge



Please note that if you are entering/exiting multiple times within 24 hours, you are advised to purchase a daily ticket from the Traffic Office on arrival.


Compassionate Parking Guidance

Compassion is one of Waitemata DHB’s core values and this is reflected in the approach we take to providing parking fee relief for those who are in genuine need.  

This guidance has been developed to help members of the public and staff understand the process the DHB uses when considering applications for assistance with the cost of parking at our key sites.

We acknowledge the significant social, psychological and spiritual value of whānau, family and friends visiting their loved ones in hospital.

A Congress Ticket gives the visitor unlimited entry and exit, free of charge, to the site for one week

1.     For one-off events, it may be suitable to request an Exit Ticket which can be used once only to exit the site.

2.     A $50 Discounted Ticket is available providing unlimited entry and exit to the site for one week at the request of a ward/unit charge nurse for family members

The type of ticket offered will depend on the circumstances below.


Guidance for compassionate parking

Requests for parking concessions will be considered by the Charge Nurse Manager (or Nurse Coordinator if out of hours) in the first instance.

If it is decided that a request for a parking concession should be declined, the matter should be referred to the General Manager of the Service concerned for review. The General Manager will also communicate the decision directly to the whanau/family member/carer concerned.

The following circumstances may be taken into account, but they are not exclusive:

·       The whanau/family member/carer has been asked by staff to come into the hospital and assist with patient care

·       The whanau/family are attending the hospital to be with a patient who is entering  end-of-life care and visiting time is prolonged and frequent

·       Mothers/partners have a baby in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

·       Mothers/partners are coming into hospital for the delivery of a baby

·       Haematology/oncology patients and their carers are attending day care treatment

·       A family member of a patient who is required to be in the hospital as the patient is having difficulty coping and/or is distressed

·       The discharge of a patient has been delayed by circumstances out of their control

·       Renal patients are attending Waitakere Hospital for renal teaching procedures

·       Women are attending breast screening at Waitakere Hospital

·       A whanau/family member/patient is experiencing genuine financial difficulty. 


North Shore Hospital
Please see our website for a map of the North Shore Hospital site.

Pay stations are located at:

·       the main entrance to the hospital

·       entrance 4

·       by the lifts on the ground floor of the car park building.

Waitakere Hospital

Please see our website for a map of the Waitakere Hospital site.

Patient parking is situated close to the hospital and by the entrance to Maternity and the outpatient buildings.

Visitor parking is situated at the front of the main car park.

Pay stations are located at:

·       the main entrance to the hospital

·       entrance F

·       the main car park


Mobility parking

Mobility car parks are available to anyone who is on hospital business and who displays a valid CCS permit. If you require assistance and would like to speak to the parking staff please call 0800 101 190.

If you are hearing impaired you can text 021 274 0617 or 021 591 258 to advise the traffic services team of any special needs that you may have prior to your arrival at North Shore or Waitakere Hospital.


Motorcycles and bicycles

Parking is free for motorcycles and bicycles. 

On arrival at the entry barrier, riders of motorcycles (including scooters) should take a ticket. On departure the rider will speak with Traffic Services via the intercom at the barrier and the operator will raise the barrier.

Motorcycle parking is located on the lower ground floor of  the car park building at North Shore Hospital and at the rear of Snelgar building and Health West Building at Waitakere Hospital.

Bicycles use the pedestrian access points to enter and exit the campus. Please share the footpath with care.

Cycle racks are located by Entrance 4 at North Shore Hospital and outside the main hospital at Waitakere Hospital.


Electric car charging

If you’re one of our environmentally friendly visitors who drive an electric vehicle, please make use of our two charging bays in the bottom level of the main car parking building at North Shore Hospital.


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