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Auckland Domestic Violence and Disability (DVD) releases NZSL resource

Lobby and advocacy group, Auckland Domestic Violence and Disability (DVD) are pleased to announce the publication of Easy Read and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) versions of their Domestic Violence and Disabled People booklet.

The booklet was New Zealand’s first written resource targeted at disabled people to address the issue of domestic violence. Research suggests up to nine out of ten disabled men, women and children are physically sexually and/or emotionally abused compared to one in three women in the non-disabled population.

“We are very excited to publish these new versions of Domestic Violence and Disabled People. The Easy Read format will ensure that people with a learning disability can access good quality information about how to identify abuse, and some tools to get help. This is so important given the high rates of sexual and physical abuse in this community,” says Debbie Hager, DVD member. We are also delighted that the Deaf community can access this information.

The Easy Read format will also be a useful option for people who have English as a second language or a reading impairment, such as dyslexia.

Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Gibson says: “It is the human right of all disabled people, women and men, from children to older people, to be free from all forms of violence and abuse. But if abuse happens, it is our right to be understood, supported, to receive justice and to feel confident that everything is being done to prevent similar things happening to others. The level of violence and abuse against disabled people, in the past as well as now, is not acknowledged enough. It is the duty of everyone to do all we can to prevent, report and ensure violence and abuse are not tolerated. This resource will help towards this and help build a safe and inclusive society.”

The booklet, Domestic violence and disabled people was first published in 2011 as a joint project between DVD and the It’s Not OK Campaign. It is the first New Zealand resource specifically addressing the abuse of disabled people. It includes sections on what abuse is, the range of potential offenders, what to do and who to call. Green MP Mojo Mathers, says “Disabled people are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence and abuse. They also often face extra barriers, which prevent them from being able to access the help they need in order to escape abuse. I am very pleased to see this important resource has been made available in NZSL and Easy Read as this helps put this important information in the reach of people that most need it.”

The new publications are part of DVD’s practical efforts to address the lack of options for disabled people to both report and escape abuse and systemic issues such as gaps in current legislation and funding.

Domestic Violence and Disabled People is available in a variety of accessible formats from the Campaign for Action on Family Violence – Are you OK? Website, and from the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse library:

Printed copies of the booklet or Easy Read version can be ordered, free, from the MSD web site above or requested from your local CCS Disability Action branch on 0800 227 200.

For more information about DVD, contact:
Debbie Hager
09 816 9339

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